my corner

Hey, somehow you found yourself here, in my big small corner.
if you are in a rush, it is possible you are not in the right place
but, who cares, just read on.

This is Me

I am Andre, I started this website/blog site about 1 year + a few months and give or take
a few days when my RN classes began. In between the increased
workload and the sometimes overwhelmingly unnecessary stress I to ignored
almost everything.

(It is true what they say, “when you start nursing school be sure to let your social life know,”
because if you don’t, it is possible it will not be there with you are done.)

This site was my way to study but, somehow I ignored it too. I apologize, I am so
sorry. Now I am in the last semester time to put my best foot forward so I am coming
back to the very tools I started with., my gate way to enjoying the things I love to do.

it is the final semester, after this it is the NCLEX. Then work.

Thank you for stopping by, nothing interesting in the first
blog post even if you do not like the idea of coming to the same place twice
come back again, hopefully my daily posted stories may help you in some ways.

Thank You

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