money is Good

They say that reconditioning your thoughts, will take you out of the current
state or situation you are in to something, somewhere better.

Let the experiment begin

To recondition the mind, according to Joseph Murphy, you will need
to consistently drip feed it the repeated info you want it to
see, feel and believe for it to be accepted then manifested.

the example…
some of us grew up hearing not so good things about money “money is evil.”
Money is Good

it is very good, if you think it is evil send it to me I guarantee you I will
bring out the good in it. I will not give it back to you though because you may
corrupt it.

Money Means Exchange.
that’s all there is to it. long, long, long, long… time ago money as we know
it today took on a different form. Let’s say the medium of exchange was based
on the number of cows. I give you one cow and in return , you give
me 10 swords. (fight)

More Cows I have, the more I can exchange for other goods and services.
have you ever seen an evil Cow.

Today’s world we are more advance, the mode of exchange has changed from
livestock to paper (trees), very secure pieces of paper -> cards -> digital
currencies and more.

I like Money, I love Money. I use it wisely, constructively and Judiciously.
Money is constantly circulating in my life,
I release it with joy and it returns to me multiplied in wonderful ways.
It is good and very good.

Money flows to me in avalanches of abundance.
I use it for good only.
I am grateful for my good
and I am grateful for the riches of my mind.

Thank You
still writing but read…

my corner

Hey, somehow you found yourself here, in my big small corner.
if you are in a rush, it is possible you are not in the right place
but, who cares, just read on.

This is Me

I am Andre, I started this website/blog site about 1 year + a few months and give or take
a few days when my RN classes began. In between the increased
workload and the sometimes overwhelmingly unnecessary stress I to ignored
almost everything.

(It is true what they say, “when you start nursing school be sure to let your social life know,”
because if you don’t, it is possible it will not be there with you are done.)

This site was my way to study but, somehow I ignored it too. I apologize, I am so
sorry. Now I am in the last semester time to put my best foot forward so I am coming
back to the very tools I started with., my gate way to enjoying the things I love to do.

it is the final semester, after this it is the NCLEX. Then work.

Thank you for stopping by, nothing interesting in the first
blog post even if you do not like the idea of coming to the same place twice
come back again, hopefully my daily posted stories may help you in some ways.

Thank You