Nutrition Self Test Chap 18

1.The term used for difficulty swallowing is:

Answer: dysphagia.

2. Give an example of a meal that may cause an increase in symptoms for a patient with peptic ulcer disease is:

Answer: Chicken curry. or Curry Chicken.

3. Having difficulties with bowels: Dietary changes that help reduce constipation:

Answer: Increasing fluid intake.

4.A major difficulty in treating a client with  hepatitis is :

Answer: The client usually has a poor appetite.

5.Nutritional therapy for gallbladder disorders includes:

Answer: Lowering your fat intake.

6.Inflammation of the tongue is:

Answer: Glossitis.

7.Lacking secretion in the mouth causing dryness is called: 

Answer: Xerostomia.

8.Dietary care for a client with gastroesophageal reflux disease includes: 

Answer: Lowering dietary fat intake.

9.Bacteria associated with peptic ulcer disease is

Answer: Helicobacter pylori.

10.An intolerance to gluten is associated with

Answer: Celiac disease.

11.A characteristic of cystic fibrosis is

Answer: pancreatic insufficiency.

12.Compared with healthy children, children with cystic fibrosis need

Answer: More kilocalories.

13.Inflamed pockets of tissue lining the mucous membrane of the colon is referred to as:

Answer: Diverticulitis.

14.Crohn’s disease is a type of

Answer: Inflammatory bowel disease.

15.Nutrition therapy for patients with irritable bowel syndrome includes

Answer: Eliminating food allergens and intolerances.

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