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First thing first, thank you for correcting my Grammar issue. Let me be the first to tell you
I am not the best with grammar but, I am learning therefore if something seems off it is off,
however, if you understand it any way that is Excellent continue reading.

thank you for visiting in my opinion, it does matter how you get here (
just so you can trace your way back or forward maybe it was intentional, maybe it was an error even so you
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let’s get to it then.

Recently I became interested in the lottery Only the Scratch-offs, not the big stuff
like PowerBall, Mega or the other games like Win4 or whatever lottery that
encourages your creativity in coming up with winning numbers only the because of the ODDs.

What does ODDs mean:  the ratio between the amounts staked by the parties to a bet, based on the expected probability either way.
“the bookies are offering odds of 8-1”
the chances or likelihood of something happening or being the case.

in simple terms, it helps you to figure out, the likelihood that things will go in your favor. The reason why I do not like
the very well known multi-million dollar creative numbers game the odds are terrible for example look below at the Odds for wining the 

The Powerball


To win the Grand Prize meaning matching all 5 numbers + Powerball you will need to play this game more times (292 million+)
than you and I can count. To match only 5 numbers you will have to play this game 11million + times even winning 4 dollars means
buying this ticket 38 times.

Break it down a little further, 1 PowerBall ticket currently, is $2: 38 x 2.00 = $76.00If you recently purchase a Powerball Ticket and you are excited about winning $4 check your spending this $4 may have already cost you more than $72 ( $76 – $4) These are some terrible ODDs.

But don’t stop playing, luck is always another option. Good Luck To you and Your PockeT!

Thanks for visiting come back, I am not even halfway through.
Thank You

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