my daily prayer.

Hello, Hi thanks for stopping by. I am thankful that you found my page, (living means, collecting memories and enjoying the things you love to do) and decided to take a minute from your busy life to hear my 2 cents. Welcome to my corner. this post talks about my daily prayer and how I got started on the journey in fixing myself from the inside out. If you are experiencing some mishaps that tends to repeat themselves over and over again this post may give you some insights on how to really start freeing yourself by fixing the problems from within. Enjoy. 

They say that if you want change, you can have it, if you know where and how to go about it. it is not that complicated though. the simple answer to that, where to start question is, “look within.” Recently I came to realize that, struggle has been apart of my life for sometime and it is tiring.

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I work hard,maybe twice as hard as the other guy but somehow it seems like I am constantly digging a hole around me. It does concerns me that I am digging the hole and it is constantly getting deeper but,

what worries me the most is, many times I will stop, take a look, admit that this is not the place where I should be and start working my way out.However when I am right at the top about to step out into freedom I somehow found myself working my way back in.

That scared the crap out of me!

The problem was not superficial it was much, much deeper than that,  and that will require healing from the inside out.

“Where and How to start?”

“We are simple but complicated beings, easy to fix if the how to fix his obvious.”

Read that statement again, it is not as complex as you think. It is so easy to understand, read it again. You Remember purchasing a piece of furniture at the store, that piece that you had to get because it was just perfect for that little corner in your house/room.

In the store, the display model showed you possibilities after purchasing it, if you didn’t purchase the display model to create that perfect picture that you saw in the store, following that manual you will need to put it together.

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Imagine putting that perfect furniture to recreate that perfect image you saw in the store without the manual.seem difficult right, I should think so. Now think back your problems, your problems does every single one of them comes with a manual?

In fact they all do but the major problem is, you misplaced it. Misplaced doesn’t mean gone forever, just means you may have to search a little or enlist the help of someone to help you find it. This me searching for me, my daily prayer, is exactly what it is, a prayer, developed  following old instruction (the misplaced manual) to create that master piece that I believe I am meant to be. 

my daily prayer

Devine law and order governs my life. divine right action reign supreme.
Devine peace fills my soul, divine love saturates my whole being.
divine love goes before me every single day, making straight, making joyous my way,

I wish for everyone, all the blessings of life.
I wish for myself all the blessings of life.
I forgive everyone and I let things go. I forgive myself and I let things go
I am wealthy, I am rich, I am in abundance.

My life is filled with joy, peace , love, hope, excellent profitable ideas and endless opportunities that I never miss.I am always blessed. I am thankful. Thank you God for my family. Thank you God for friends. Thank you God for Life.And thank you most of all for those people place in my way by you to help me or for me to help them.

Thank you God for the ability to help others. and for all the privileges You gave, have given and will give. I am thankful.These are truths, and they have taken roots in my subconscious mind, and will grow many more trees after their kind.

Thanks for reading my daily prayer, hope you enjoy what you found, after finding what you are looking for. 

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