I had a good talk with myself today.

I had a good talk with myself today.

I had a good talk with myself today, we weren't getting along.It was terrible, so upsetting we should be working together but somehow we spend more time fighting and disagreeing.Such much lost, Over the years, a lot of money made, what to show for it, negative bank accounts. I had to have a good talk with myself. This is not how we use to live, when, why and how did it come to this? this must stop, this is not how anyone should. This is not how I should live.

There was a forex Trade, parameters were perfect, position size set, all the good vetting done and I was in. The trade was going really well then, for some reason or another I closed it. I closed for a tiny profit I was pissed, even more pissed off when it continued up about 3: 1. Three times my risk, three times the profit I could have mad instead nothing. Something was wrong somewhere. I had to find it and fix.

Imagine it's late night, early morning, the sweetest part of your sleep. Whatever you were dreaming about waking up to the sound of a screaming alarm clock was definitely apart of it. When did it all changed, only a few years ago, there was no alarm clock, getting up early was a choice and in no way mandatory but all of that changed. Who did that? I am sure it wasn't me, who is myself working for, I wonder if it's for me or someone else.

I had to have that sit down with myself, time for us to be on the same damn page. Time for me to start winning, time to start living. The next talk we have will be about something positive, there will be no alarms, no bells or stop watch, just me the bed doing absolutely nothing but welcoming the morning.

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